Our Pride and Joy

Our Pride and Joy

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Date night w the Kiddo's!

We had a fun night with Braydon & Brinkley. Weldon always loves playing with them so much! We put Weldon's new Trampoline together and of course they all LOVED it! Weldon is a little to small for it right now but in a few months he will love it! He still gets on and tries to jump, it is so cute. The kids got some great use out of it tonight, it counts how many jumps you take and I think Braydon jumped about 600 times! I'm sure they will sleep good tonight!
They loved showing Weldon how to hold on and jump!

Brinkley went high!

I think Braydon wins for who went the highest!

After Supper we all had some quiet time in the living room watching Backyardigans, sweet little angels :)

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