Our Pride and Joy

Our Pride and Joy

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good Times!

So we just decided to move the furniture around in our living room, see it was to where EVERYTHING was baby proof, and since Weldon is starting to pick up on the word no we decided to change it up to where we can start teaching him what he can play with and what he can not. Just so you know Weldon is not just your average child, he is literally into EVERYTHING! You cannot leave him alone for a split second! Ya know being a first time parent we want him to learn right from wrong, but I have to say i have one STUBBORN child! I guess he gets that from his daddy ;) He is starting to really know what the word NO is but when he hears it, he kinda grins and goes on doing it again. I can tell that it is going to be a long road ahead. Even though it is kinda cute now, it won't be cute when they get older! So we gotta teach him sooner rather than later!
Mimi and Papa T came over for dinner the other night and Mimi helped give Weldon a bath. He loved it!
My silly boy has really been a great eater! He pretty much is eating every kind of food. Chicken, Pork, Green Beans, Potato's, Carrots, Spagetti, Broccoli, and believe it or not two of his FAV's are Spinach & Portabella Mushrooms. Looks like he is gonna take after his momma and be a great eater! Hope it sticks! His new thing is NOT wanting me to feed him anymore. He usually eats finger foods anyway but even if I try to feed him Yogurt he WON'T let me! He is now trying to feed himself with a spoon, and it can get awfully messy! He wants to feed himself but he doesnt want to hold the spoon once its in his mouth. Lol

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