Our Pride and Joy

Our Pride and Joy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a great day today! Our little guy looked so cute in his red! Last Valentine's day we were fresh out of the Hospital, and its amazing how fast that time has gone by. Now we have this sweet, smiling, laughing, running EVERYWHERE little guy to spend it with! He is such a bundle of joy, along side Daddy he is definitely Mommy's Valentine!

LOVE that sweet little face! We are so very proud of him! Happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope you had as good of a day as we did!

Happy Boy!

One thing is for sure we have one happy baby! We played really hard today and Weldon loved playing with all of his new toys he got for his Birthday. He is so precious to watch and so pleasant to be around as you can tell......

Happy 1st Birthday

Well the time has finally come, our baby boy turned one on Feb 7th! It was a sad day for mom :( We had Weldon's party on Saturday Feb 4th and everything turned out great! We had a total of 20 people that came! Weldon got lots of new toys and clothes and he loved everything!
Weldon had a Red Wagon Birthday theme, and mommy had lots of fun decorating for it! We had a very cute Red Wagon cake and some cupcakes for everyone! I kinda went all out with decor just because its his first birthday and hey he only turns one once right!?
Those are some of the pictures of his Red Wagon theme! I hope you enjoyed them :) The best part of the day for Weldon was of course the cake part! We had lots of different cake! Chocolate with Chocolate glaze, White with Strawberry Glaze-my favorite, and also some Chocolate & Strawberry Cupcakes! Everything tasted very good! Weldon had a giant white cupcake! I got him a cute little outfit to smash his cake in, he was just precious.......

This was just a fun day for all of us! We thank everyone very much for everything you all got Weldon for his Birthday! His party was a lot of fun. It is bittersweet that our baby is one already, I guess time flies when your having fun :) the lord has truly blessed us with an amazing family. Happy Birthday Weldon James :)