Our Pride and Joy

Our Pride and Joy

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Down Time

Well, I am back for now! We have had a busy past few weeks! Weldon is now 13 months old and learning more and more everyday! He has just started learning to say Yes, and sometimes when you least expect it he will say exactly what you say. He is so SWEET! He is starting to be a momma's boy :) He will lay with me in the morning and cuddle, which he has NEVER done that, so I am lovin it. As much as I love taking pictures we have had a bit of down time with picture taking. Two weeks ago Weldon pulled the Camera off the table and the shutter release broke. It was devastating, luckily we had a Warranty on it and it is getting fixed! So for now I will be showing you guys some pictures that I have taken on my Camera the last few weeks! With all this BEAUTIFUL warm weather we have had a blast at Mimi & Papa T's, riding on the golf cart and playing in the Sand Box :) Weldon is definitely ALL boy.......
He LOVES that cute baby in the Mirror. Giving Kisses!

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