Our Pride and Joy

Our Pride and Joy

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.

I sit here tonight thinking about how lucky I am. Sometimes its hard to remember all the blessings in life when you are going through things you never thought you would have to go through. I have really been strong the last couple of months on dealing with everything that is changing and happening in me and Jimmy's lives. I try to keep my head up. But sometimes it's so hard, some days I really struggle, today being one of them. When I look at Watson I see nothing but pure joy and cuteness in his sweet little smile. But then there are times I can't stop thinking about one thing, and that is that in 6 short months I will be faced with the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. Its very hard facing that something is wrong with your little baby who is so defensive less and innocent and has no idea the road he is about to go down. Here I am trying my hardest to take in the first 9 months of his life not thinking about whats to come when really that's all that goes through my head. I think my biggest struggle is treating him and Weldon both the same because I look at Weldon and know he is this perfectly healthy little boy. And Watson has to undergo things I would have never dreamed of. But deep down they are both so perfect in my eyes. They are both these beautiful things me and Jimmy created and I am trying everyday to not let this effect the way I treat Watson. I want him to know he is perfectly normal and sometimes god has a way of picking you out to be extra special.  I may have issues with the way things happen and I may have trouble understanding why all this is happening to us. But deep down me and Jimmy both know God has a plan for us and a plan for Watson. I know everything will be ok. I just have a hard time remembering that some day's. Watson will be having an MRI in a few weeks for some irregular breathing problems and will also have a sleep study done for sleep apnea. Please keep us in your prayers. We need lots of them. Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks of my sweet babies :)

                                                                 Little Jimmy in this pic :)
                                                          My little Thinker :)

                                                                Watson's growing like a weed :)