Our Pride and Joy

Our Pride and Joy

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Time flies when your having fun!

The last month has gone by so fast. We have had some great family vacation's this summer! Weldon is getting so big and now repeating anything that comes out of our mouths. :) He is learning to count and sing his ABC's. He is also peeing in the potty (when he wants too). His favorite word of all is NO, no momma, no daddy, or whoever is correcting him at the time :) Parenting is such a tough thing when everything that he says bad or good is so cute. HAHA. But all in all he is a good boy and we are definitely learning what the 2's are all about! As for Watson he is cutting teeth, rolling over, and even tries to sit up! He is such a little rolly polly he is already wearing 6-9 months! He absolutely HATES tummy time and LOVES to look in the mirror. Here are some pics of our little guys from the last month!

We also took a few Beach trips this Summer and the boys LOVE the Beach! Weldon could play in the sand forever! Watson is still a little small for the beach but he loves the water too! Braydon and Brinkley came too and Weldon loved them being there to play with! Jimmy and I were able to have a few date nights that we really enjoyed, while Mimi and Papa T keep the boys. The one thing I really wanted was to get a good picture of the boys on the beach. I have realized with their ages I will probably not be able to get good pictures until they are older but I had really hoped I might could get a good one! Unfortunately I have to take what I get, and this is the best one I got..............
                    Hilarious I know.........

I actually did get a couple cute ones though of the kids together. We made lots of great memories that we will cherish forever! Can't wait to go back next year!

                              Sweet cousins!

Bath time is a very fun time around our house! Both of the boys LOVE the water and bath time so much! Sometimes thats all I can do to calm Watson down. They are such water babies! Weldon can already kind of swim without his floaties! And Weldon loves Bubble Baths!

Since last month we have had a few check ups at Children's for Watson and as far as we know he is doing great! He will go in for his MRI in a week or so, and after that they shouldn't need to see him for anything until more about the Surgery details which will happen early March. Of course as always please keep Baby Watson in your prayers. In our eyes he is just like any other baby we know! God has a special plan for us and Watson and we will take everything day by day. We appreciate the love and support from all of our close family and friends. Here are a few pictures of the little Rolly Polly :)
                          Big Boy in his Bumbo!