Our Pride and Joy

Our Pride and Joy

Friday, January 24, 2014

Love for Watson

It's amazing how time flies when you have kiddos. May 6th 2013 was one of the BEST and most STRESSFUL days of my life. The first month I was supposed to be in all and enjoying every second of this sweet baby but all I could think of was this Surgery he was going to have to undergo at 9 months old. Well it took me about 7 weeks to really realize that God was in control and stressing and worrying would never change the outcome. Everything happens for a reason and I had to snap out of it and realize if I didn't I wouldn't enjoy the first year of his life. The most amazing time of any babies life when they change and grow the most. I must say the last 8 months has had its ups and downs but we have done an amazing job at enjoying every second of him and trying our hardest to not think about this Surgery until we absolutely had too. Well Watson will be 9 months old on February 6th and it is getting very close to Surgery time. We are of course as any parent would be stressed, scared, nervous, and quite honest ready to get this over with. Watson is the happiest baby EVER and I have no doubt he will be just fine with all the prayers and support we have gotten from everyone around us. I know the Lord does things for a reason and he has given us the most beautiful gift. The gift to see things in a different light. Watson may need a major skull surgery and he may even need another one down the road, but he is here with us, jabbering, breathing, smiling, laughing and that is all I care about. We are so fortunate for that.

Today we went in for our Pre Op Appt and everything looks good. I feel very educated on what is going to happen and so thankful we are so close to such a wonderful hospital like ACH. It is the hardest thing in the world to know your child's life is in the hands of two doctors but I know the lord will have his hand on Watson and those Doctors every step of the way. His Surgery is officially scheduled for February 24th. We need all the prayers we can get. I just want to say I know that the lord works in Mysterious ways. He got us to Arkansas where we are surrounded by the BEST most SUPPORTIVE family and we really wouldn't be able to handle all of this on our own. We are so lucky to have such a close bond to our family here. We will never be able to say how grateful we are for all of you who have really shown us the true meaning of family. I Love you all so much! Here is a few pictures I will share of our Pre OP Appt today.

Mommy and Watson :)

Daddy and Watson :)

                        A few of Watson's Warriors :)

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