Our Pride and Joy

Our Pride and Joy

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sweet Summer Time

This Summer has been such a blast with the boys. Though Watson is at a pretty exhausting age while getting into everything :) He keeps us young! With them only being two years apart it is so sweet to see them start really playing and interacting with each other!

                                                                    Weldon is 3!
Weldon is so much fun and getting so big! He is 36 inches tall and weighs 33lbs. He LOVES swimming, playing in the dirt, legos, playing basketball, and of course cuddle time with mommy :) He is EXTREMELY stubborn and hard headed. We haven't quite figured out where he gets that from :) Weldon has a very old soul and LOVES old TV like 1940s Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry and sometimes Andy Griffith with Papa T. He would watch it for hours if I let him! Since daddy has been building Weldon LOVES to help him in the garage whenever he gets a chance, hammering away. He has big brown eyes, dark skin like daddy and VERY curly hair which majority of time is a hot mess because I can never do anything with it. Here is a few pictures of our little stinker the last few weeks.

                                                                           Watson is 14 months!
Watson is also getting so big! He is 30 inches tall and weighs 24 lbs. He LOVES to do anything with his bubba, playing with his ball, and he really LOVES to dance! No matter where he is if music comes on he is dancing. Its pretty cute :) Watson still has 8 teeth and can say Momma, Daddy, JJ, Papa T, Mimi, Hi, Bye, Nasty, Bubba and puppy. Yes he says Nasty, because thats what I tell him when he eats dog food. Yes folks this kid LOVES to eat dog food. Not just put it in his mouth, but actually chew it up and swallow it. Trust me most of the time its put away so that he can't get to it. But when he does, he is a happy boy. I know its NASTY! We are 4 months post op and you would never even know this kid had Surgery! We are so happy and blessed! His scar looks amazing and unless you are really trying to look at it, its barely noticeable! Here are a few pictures of Watson from the last few weeks.


Me and Jimmy are so blessed with these two boys! We have had a wonderful summer so far and can't wait to finish it out with a few more Vacations :) Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Summer! :)