Our Pride and Joy

Our Pride and Joy

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Special Picture

Well as most of you know Weldon was named after my Papa Weldon who was a huge influence in my life, until just two in a half years ago when he passed away. Naming our baby Weldon was somewhat a big deal to me, and of course I struggled with it because I didn't know what people would say. But when I heard the name Weldon I always felt like it was the BEST name, the COOLEST name, the most SPECIAL name in the world. Of course I have the best husband in the world who really understood what the name Weldon meant to me and didn't care one bit to carry on the name of such a great person. I'm so happy to have this beautiful little baby to always remind me of one of the greatest men I ever knew. Most of you have probably seen this picture but I'm not sure if you knew how special it was. This picture was taken when Weldon was 6 months old and the overalls he has on in the picture were my Papa Weldon's that he wore in 1942. We miss you Papa!

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